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➤ MSJY: ❝ This one was a no-brainer!

A little shameless self promotion too. But I couldn’t be more behind Noria Lilt’s forward thinking vision for this EP. It is a full bodied teleportation to future dystopian hazey raves: a perfect example of taking influences from the past and present to create something with an original attitude. It’s a break-filled melting pot of dismay, the kind of genre-less material I run through the internet landscapes for.

The remix by Atrice is also a masterful new age re-interpretation of 'FEEB'. Pretty much everything they do is bold, slick and sexy. So yes, utterly honoured to be part of this gold class Debut EP and so excited to watch what it brings out of people on dance floors! ❞ source:

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Portrait Noria Lilt

➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤ 3 original industrial techno & experimental traxx by NORIA LILT+ stepper & sexy remixes by MSJY & ATRICE ➤➤➤➤➤➤

Swiss DJ and producer Noria Lilt completes the label’s catalogue for our 14th issue. Heavily influenced by dance music and rave culture, Noria Lilt’s production process nevertheless tends towards acousmatic, experimental music and sound design. This EP presents the different corners of her artistic universe, in a 12’’ format as suitable for DJs as for home listening. We are also pleased to welcome the duo Atrice and the producer MSJY for two dubstep and stepper-influenced remixes! Supported by: Dekmantel, Lurka, Bruce, Inverted Audio, Solid Blake, Henry Greenleaf, Sheepshead, Ice Eyes, DJ Nori, Cocktail Party Effect, Ayesha click here for purchase !


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@fabiennewatzke für photographies at Summer Camp, Zürich :))))))

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